Friday, March 04, 2011

Heads-up predictions

The NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship match-ups have been set, and I have made my predictions, as noted above. This time I did it without the help of Ambien.

My picks are completely unscientific. Sometimes it's just who I like better or would like to see win. Sometimes it's just voting against somebody I despise. Sometimes it's just a whim or a hunch. Not too surprisingly, I tend to run about 50% in these predictions every year.

I'm picking a dark horse--Olivier Busquet--to win it all.

The ever-amazing KevMath has already set up a place where you can enter your predictions for the entire event, and will be taking $10 entries. Point system, etc., all explained here. I decided to add a little spice to my life and submitted my guesses along with my $10. Maybe I'll clean up. More likely, it's kissing the money good-bye, but it will be fun.


Josie said...

You have Kassela beating Gus Hansen?? Never happen! I think I'm going to fill this out myself and see how I do.

Fun post.

Memphis MOJO said...

No love for Phil Ivey?

Will R said...

I don't think picking Adonis112/Livb12 is picking a dark horse, he's probably the best heads up sit and go player of all time, if there's a book taking bets and he's not the favorite he's a good bet.