Saturday, March 05, 2011

Play roshambo against a computer

This is more interesting than it has any right to be. Try the "veteran" version. It's positively creepy to feel the computer analyzing your moves and guessing what you'll do next--especially since it's so good at it. Out of 100 trials, I won 25, tied 41, and lost 34. It seemed not to matter whether I tried to be random, or tried to deduce what the computer would be expecting and then counter it. Either way, I lost more than I won.

For the second round of 100, I decided to enlist a little computer help of my own. I used Excel to generate a random number 1, 2, or 3, and entered my choice accordingly. That allowed me to improve to 37 wins, 32 ties, and 31 losses. Ya gotta fight fire with fire.


Crash said...

63 rounds, veteran: 21,21,21. Just tried to play goofily, like my poker!

Jacob said...

after 100 rounds, score stood at 33-33-34. I actually tried to develop tendencies that the computer would recognize, then exploit the fact that the PC was trying to take advantage of those tendencies. I actually had a 6-7 point lead up until the 75-80 mark, until the PC caught on to a couple of my strategies, and I basically had to start from scratch. Last 10 rounds or so were real cat-and-mouse.

Conan776 said...

23-49-28 here. Neat app tho