Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheater unreliable on who's cheating

I despise the utter lack of personal integrity of Richard Marcus (as detailed here and other posts), but I still subscribe to his blog's RSS feed because he sometimes points to news items about casino and/or poker cheating stories that I would otherwise miss.

Today he finally got around to doing a post about the Full Tilt Poker mess (a very nice summary of which you can read here from Shamus). It triggered a memory for me--hadn't Marcus previously endorsed FTP as one of the safest poker sites in the industry?

Yep, he had. A little searching led me to this post from January 8, 2010. Responding to the Brian Townsend/Brian Hasting allegations about improper sharing of mined hand data, Marcus says:
But in some cases, such as Full Tilt's, the online poker site in question becomes safer immediately after a cheating scam breaks. That's because the operators and administrators start cleaning up their act right away. See what I mean? What I'm saying is that it takes an online poker black eye to improve the overall poker complexion. So yes, as of now Full Tilt merits being rated number 9 on my oonline [sic] poker safety ratings list.
The search also incidentally led me to this forgotten piece of wisdom from Marcus (April 15, 2009):
Yep, believe it or not and despite all the scandals, UltimateBet has shown enough recent cheat-free statistics to make Richard Marcus's top-10 anti-online poker cheat ratings list.
So when Richard Marcus endorses an online gaming site as safe and secure, you might want to take the occasion to make a hasty withdrawal.

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