Friday, September 23, 2011

That quads thing on Bodog works in stud, too

Tony has been bugging me to play with him on Bodog, but it's not easy, because our schedules our different, there is no "find player" feature, and he prefers to play PLO8. But tonight I saw the rare sight of one of the Bodog stud/8 SNG tables with a couple of people waiting in it, so I joined and put a note on Twitter hoping Tony was watching. He was, so we played.

In one of the early hands, I started with split kings, improved to two pair on 4th, full house on 5th, and quads on 7th, at which point I still had several players raising into me. Of course, I had to split this nice pot with some nimrod (the guy with the cat picture) who made a low, which seems like a complete miscarriage of justice.

When that game ended, I went to my usual pair of no-limit hold'em SNGs. In the first, just a few hands in, this happened:

And a few minutes later, this happened:

It's not quads, but it's the first time I can remember playing two tables and being dealt aces and kings simultaneously. (I won both hands.)

It's all skill, I tell you.

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