Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fitzgerald's poker room closed


Doesn't bother me. It was a pretty worthless poker room. It's closer walking distance to my apartment than even Binion's and Golden Nugget, but I played there just seven times in 5 1/2 years. I stopped in more than twice that many times, but usually found no game going. On the rare occasions that I found a game, it wasn't very good, tended to be short-handed, and tended to break up within a couple of hours.


balt999 said...

Such a was inevitable

Rob said...

I'm always sad to hear of a poker room closing because of the people who are losing their jobs. That's no fun at all. Also because it's one more reminder of the general decline of the popularity of poker.

OTOH, with that decline, closing a few more rooms would probably improve the attendance and overall play at the remaining rooms.

Anonymous said...

that place was a dump and could hardly be called a poker room