Saturday, April 28, 2012

A contest! With a prize!

The times they are a-changin'. Harrah's/Ceasars has a crazy idea about building a giant Ferris wheel behind what are now its mid-Strip properties, and that means some other things have to go. Among those things are O'Shea's, in its entirety, and Imperial Palace, which will be remodeled and reopened as something else. (Read about it here.)

O'Shea's is closing permanently Monday at noon. So last night I went there to play one last time. I had heard on Twitter that the casino had issued a chip in honor of its closing--a strange finale that I don't recall any other property ever doing before. You can see the front and back of it above.

I bought four of them from the cashier, uncirculated. I'll keep one for my collection and try to sell two of them on eBay. The fourth I've decided to give away as a prize to a reader.

To win, simply use the comments section to submit, in 100 words or fewer, why you should be the one to receive this exceptionally valuable prize. Be imaginative. Feel free to lie, if you think it will help you. I'm not sure exactly what criteria will be used to determine the winner, other than it will be the one I like best. That might be because of sincerity, or pathos, or creativity, or humor. We'll just have to see what tickles my fancy. You have 24 hours from when this is posted. Note: Answers based on preexisting relationships, with nothing more, will fail. I mean, heck, my dad reads this blog, and he could submit, "Because I raised you," and it would be pretty hard to top that, y'know? So I'll be judging on what is written, independent of whatever claims or baggage you may have as a person.

Winner will receive the chip in the mail, whenever I get around to making a trip to the post office. U.S. addresses only. Don't be dopey and submit your entry as "anonymous," because then I'll have no way of verifying who sent it in. Make sure that whatever nickname Blogger knows you by is linked to or matched by your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your email address, or whatever, so that when I select a winner I don't have more than one person plausibly claiming to have been the author.


Addendum, April 29, 2012

I was about to pick a winner, but then realized that this post went up in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Because my page views spike on Monday, I know that many readers don't check in here on weekends. So, in order to give more people a chance to enter my little contest, I'm extending the deadline to Monday night.


grrouchie said...

I am about to make a huge change in my life by becoming a Casino (craps) dealer and slowly phasing out the Retail job that I have worked at for a decade. If this transition is not smooth and I falter I will be left desperately needing an income and will have to turn to my poker chip collection that will be highlighted by this one.
It will be the last chip I'd ever part with as it would be the embodiment of hope and good things to come even with the destruction of something I enjoyed so much.

K.B. said...

O.K. I'll start but by your rules can't win as I live in Australia (can give you a friends US postal address though for delivery)

I have only been to Vegas 3 times but have managed to personally get six hundred and twenty three $5 casino chips from 94 Vegas casinos.

This would be a good addition to that collection.

Will be back to Vegas in September to get the $5 chips from the new six casino's that have opened since I was last there.

matt tag said...

I should win because I've started a great collection of chips for eventual mounting in my poker room, for proud display during my weekly hosted home game. That's a great looking chip and will look very nice in the collection.

lightning36 said...

Okay -- I am part Irish and hover around all things Irish.

More importantly, I have something to trade you -- the secret of getting women to adore you. Imagine -- cardgrrl will love you even more. You might be able to beat Josie and she will still treasure you beyond belief. ck will lay down a crub frush for you. Really.

And if necessary, I will bribe you: all the mashed potatoes you can eat. Or am I getting you Las Vegas locals mixed up?

k9dr said...

I personally believe that I should win the chip because U.S Americans are unable to do so because uh, some people out there in our nation don't have chips and I believe like such as South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that Oshea's here in the U.S should help South Africa and the Iraq and the Asian countries so we can build up our future for our children and I can win the chip.

Rob said...

Grump, I believe I should be awarded the prize so I can have it on me the next time I stopped by the cops for stalking hookers, as recently reported on my blog, I will be able to whip it out and offer them this as a bribe so that they don't bust me. Certainly such a valuable coin would be accepted for such a purpose.

Jim Wilson said...

I am a long time reader and you have already made me money by increasing my poker I.Q. I wouldn't complain about you adding another $5 to my coffers.

Alex said...

I have spent many days

Playing poker at O’sheas

Trying to decide when to fold or raise

One day I looked at my hand

And saw 24(s) I thought OH GRAND!

I limped, hoping to induce action

The cutoff raised 3x, Traction!

I called and saw a flop of 224.

The Grump was going to pay off once more!

I bet, he pushed, my money went in

We flipped our cards and there was an awful din

The CO said ‘Playing deuce-four is a sin!’

I smiled and said ‘I’m sorry but your Aces were always in bad position for deuce-four is second in power to only the Spanish Inquisition ’

Josie said...

Obviously you should give this chip to me. First of all, you're the one who sucked me into the whole TBC drama so giving me the chip is the least you can do to make up for it. Plus I have an almost complete collection of uncirculated $5 Las Vegas casino chips and this farewell issue would fit in perfectly. Also, you're so darn good at poker, the only way I'd get a red bird from you is if you'd give it to me. Lastly, I'll be in Las Vegas in June. You can just hand it to me then, which will save you postage, and handling. :) It makes no sense NOT to give it to me.

Mr Subliminal said...

As someone who has frequently availed himself of the low limits offered at O'Shea's, it would mean everything to get my hands on this commemorative $5 chip, which I would cash in immediately at another Harrah's property, effectively doubling my current bankroll.

Chad W. said...

I have never collected a casino chip as a keepsake in my life. You have inspired me to start, and what could be a more perfect chip than one that you give me? (Oh, and I'll be in Vegas later this month, so you wouldn't have to spend money on postage.)

lightning36 said...

@Rob "... the next time I get stopped by the cops for stalking hookers, as recently reported on my blog, I will be able to whip it out and offer them..."

Uh Rob, buddy ... I've got a feeling that your dealings with the Las Vegas police are just beginning ...

NT (aka Cardgrrl) said...

I have been searching for the perfect chip to serve as the left pastie in my new "casino-girl" outfit.

That, for sure, is the one.

Steve said...

True story: When you started this blog, I donated $5.00 to the upkeep. So we will now be even except for the postage.


Big-O said...

Give the chip to me because I don't like any ferris wheel you can stand up in.

Grange95 said...

I will be going to hell in at least six major religions. If you give me the O'Shea's chip, I promise not to slow roll you, demand to see your hand, sneeze on your chips, talk about your live hand, delay showdown, or throw a Hellmuthian tantrum when you beat me in a hand ... for all eternity. What a bargain!

Rakewell said...

Such a fail. There is no poker in hell, obv.

Grange95 said...

There is poker in hell. It's all razz, you always have four to a wheel on fourth, and a full house on the river. Oh, and Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, and a fat smelly guy are at your table.

matt tag said...

I am sure there is Texas Holdem in Hell. You get dealt pocket Jacks every hand.

Anonymous said...

O'Sheas, a small section of Downtown Vegas right in the middle of the strip! I spent my 21st birthday there and it was the gambling destination for me when I was broke and in college (somehow able to save up just enough to fly to Vegas 3 times a year). My $100 of gambling money could stretch far at O'Sheas in the mid 90's and without her I would have never learned to play Craps and Roulette and many other table games. I will miss the beer pong and cheap Irish beers while looking over at Caesars and the other strip properties where I couldn't afford to gamble at.


Steve said...

I just read what CardGrrl had written. I am now officially withdrawing my entry. there's no way in hell that anyone can compete with her entry. Do the right thing and present it in person to her.

PS: What a cheap gimmick (on CardGrrl's part) to score $5.00! Someone does not play fair. ;)


qdpsteve said...

Rakewell, you should award me the chip because:

1. I've never been in Vegas. It would therefore be the VERY FIRST Vegas chip of any type or denomination ever in my possession, thus making it "extra special."

2. But... I'm planning to make my first Vegas trip in late July this year. Award me the chip, and I'll be happy to arrange a Vegas NHLE table matchup with you there during my visit, so I CAN PLAY YOU FOR IT. This would provide you the chance, upon winning it back, to up your esteemed readership by raffling it off AGAIN later this Summer.

Serious proposal. Give it some thought.

Mr. Fish said...

I have a chair but feel something is missing...

Anonymous said...

O'SHEAS is Closing!

O' I can't believe SHE is Closing!

O' SHE was there for 23 years and I am sure a lot of people share their memories there.

O' SHUCKS I haven't been there even once (can you believe it no lie), at least I can treasure this CHIP if the GRUMP can share.


NOTE: Whether I win or not is immaterial, it would be nice to see what can tickle "The Grump" more than a Duece-Four!

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't realize the contest says 100 words or less.

Here's a short version:

O' SHEAS is closing! O'SHE was there for 23 yrs, O' SHUCKS can't believe I was not there even ONCE.


NT (aka Cardgrrl) said...

I contributed an entry purely for the challenge. I hereby declare my ineligibility for the prize.

Vookenmeister said...

I am deserving of this fine chip because I have played at O'Sheas on almost every trip I have ever taken to Vegas.

I will dearly miss O'Sheas. I like money but I like enjoying myself even more. I don't get a chance to drink much anymore due to real responsibilities, but when I do I drink heavily. And there was no greater place to enjoy bottom shelf tequilla shots than at the famous O'Sheas 1/2 NL table (4/8 spread limit when not running).

I loved the noise and pure silliness of O'Sheas. I am very sad that I am going to miss the final days by a week.

I have written pure fondness about O'Sheas several times in my AVP trip reports.

I also have a crush on the leprechaun as noted in this famous quote from one of age old trip reports at AVP (I spent the trip searching for a duck),

"I pass another midget. He is dressed like a leprechaun and shouting into a microphone. I wink and stick my tongue out at him seductively. He glares back at me. Apparently, he is not interested. I guess it is because he is actually the MC at O'Sheas so he can't leave his post to indulge in my fantasy."

What will become of my favorite leprechaun?

I'll make it easy on you. I can pick up my chip in person when I'm in Vegas next week.

Wayne W. said...

My fondest memory of playing High Stakes Poker at O'Sheas: A player left to go to the restroom. While he was gone a drunk homeless guy wandered in, sat in his seat, and proceeded to start eating a very messy hamburger out of a paper bag. Needless to say the game ground to a halt. The drunk guy was oblivious to the concern he was causing the other players, and the guy that came back from the bathroom had to wait awkwardly while security came to move the drunk along. Only at O'Sheas...

Andy said...

I can't believe this place is closing. It has a very special place in my heart. Here's my story.

I was playing blackjack there in 2003 with a buddy. We were sitting at a table with 3 girls from CA. We started a conversation with them and I was pretty quickly smitten with one of them. We ended up handing out with these girls the rest of the night and I ended up spending most of the rest of my trip with this one girl.

To make the story short, we ended up having a long distance relationship(I lived in NC, she in CA) for two years. We tried to see each other at least every 3 months and for the most part, we did.

After two years, we decided we didn't want to live apart anymore and she moved to NC to live with me. We were married a year later and will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary next month.

We go back to Vegas at least once a year together and always go back and spend some time there. I am going back in July for the WSOP main even and it will be strange for that place not to be there anymore.

I would love to give that chip to my wife on our anniversary next month. I know she would love it.