Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In case you missed it

Just a few minutes ago, Jennifer Harman posted the above photo on Twitter along with an explanation that it came from a hand of Stud-8 she had just played at Aria. Four players made ace-high flushes. Three players had low hands, including (if I'm reading the blurry image correctly) one wheel for the nut low (second hand from the left). She said that they generated a $27,000 pot in this $300/600 game.

Live poker is SO rigged.


grrouchie said...

Seriously? A nut low after all of that?

I call BS - someone was dealing from the bottom to juice the pot

Scandalrag said...

Not just nut low, a scoop. Hand 2 also has A-K heart flush. Next best flush is A-Q.