Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Praises be, we have another convert to the Gospel of the Mighty Deuce-Four!


Anonymous said...

I was in a small tournament this past weekend and found myself with 3 remaining players. Always looking for an edge and hoping someone would notice, after the flop I would immediately pick up my cards if I intended on folding or checking. On my turn, I would fold or check pounding my cards on the felt. With two of us left I found myself in the big blind with 24d. Flop, 447. SB checks. I pound my cards. Turn is a Q. SB contemplates next move. Moves away 1 stack, then moves it back. Damm! But wait, he still appears to be thinking. Hmmmm, please, please, YES! I snap called his all in. Thanks 24!

Rob said...

Thanks for the link and also thanks for the hand. Really saved my night.

sevencard2003 said...

ive had no luck at all playing that hand, and i dont think i want to play it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Another small point for the Deuce-Four -- was playing trivia at a local wings place, and happened to glance over at the poker screen run by the same network.

One player had the Deuce-Four, and the cards had come J-2-2-4-8.

Too bad this was just for fun and not for real chips!