Friday, May 25, 2012

Poker gems, #455

Andrew Brokos, in Card Player magazine column, May 16, 2012 (vol. 25, #10), page 37.

There is one reason to check and call on the river, and that's to induce bluffs. If you don't expect your opponent to bluff the river, then your options are either to value bet the hand yourself or to check and fold. Checking and calling makes no sense in this situation because virtually any player's calling range will be wider than his value betting range.

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Richard said...

Not exactly. Check-calling also allows you to win with a hand that you'd fold to a bluff raise. And if your opponent knows that your check-calling range is strong, he won't value bet a bunch of hands he would call a bet with. Andrew is recommending an exploitative strategy and all exploitative strategies can be exploited. It probably makes money in 2012 at the limits he plays, but it may lose money tomorrow.