Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I blame Josie, obviously

After all, she's the one that got me on this little online MTT kick the last few days.

I gave it another shot today. First two tourneys were pretty fast busts. But in the third, I caught fire early and was consistently in the top 20% of stacks through almost the whole thing, peaking at 3rd place fairly deep in the game:

I had grand visions of nearly criminal levels of abusing the poor short stacks on the bubble. But a couple of hands went bad and I ended up with a somewhat below average stack when the bubble came, so I had to just play tight through it.

When it had passed, the player to my right tried stealing the blinds twice in a row, and I shoved on him both times with mediocre hands, and he folded. This was a big boost to my chip position.

Then, to reuse a metaphor from the other day, that big ol' iceberg floated down south into the shipping lanes again.

I have KK and two players move all-in ahead of me! Wheeeeeee! Even better, when the cards are revealed, I have them both crushed:

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Except that you can, in fact, lose:

They BOTH make full houses against me. (For the record, I was 68% to win when the money went in.)

Two hands later, I'm blessed (so to speak) with KK again. This time I'm up against AQ. Once again, all-in pre-flop and I'm a huge favorite. Until fourth street:

I feel the need to cite that Geico commercial where the guy tries to save money on a weight-loss program by just having three teenage girls follow him around, shaming him with comments on what he eats: "Ew." "Seriously?" "So gross."

I was left with only about 4 big blinds, which soon went in and lost. And with that, hopes for an $1100 score went crashing to the bottom of the ocean:

$60 cash, minus $22 entry fee is $38 profit. I think both of the earlier ones were $11, so net $16 for about 5 hours.

Ew. Seriously? So gross.

The only bit of amusement I got from it was seeing this very nice screen name/avatar combo:

"You should be playing MTTs," Josie said. "You'll make tons of money," Josie said. "You're so good at them," Josie said. "You'll have fun," Josie said.

Friggin' Josie.


Josie said...

Well I had fun! Does that not count?

I would've liked for you to address how people played against you in this tourney ....or rather didn't play against you. Everyone seemed to fold to every bet you made. They all seemed afraid to be in a hand with you....and this wasn't a couple of isolated incidents. Not at all.

Rakewell said...

Yes, I developed a very solid table image, and so was able to reach in and steal pots with pre-flop reraises, or c-bets after whiffing flops, etc., with some degree of regularity. I almost never showed down a hand in the process of building my stack. In fact, at one point, when I reraised (with 7-8 offsuit) a frequent raiser, before folding he said in frustration, "How about showing just one time, buddy?" I did not accommodate him.

I don't always succeed in generating an image that intimidating, but it's nice when I can pull it off.

lightning36 said...

"Friggin' Josie."

Truer words were never spoken ...

Anonymous said...

This is "Friggin' Josie"....

Lightning36C, You know you're crazy about me.

As for you Grumperoo, I was spot on correct! You've cashed in 50% of the MTT's you've played. That's incredible, plus you have a big healthy balance in BCP that you DIDN'T have before you changed up your game choice. Let's keep going and see your balance double by the end of July. That's your challenge, should you choose to accept it. Brownies if you can manage this!