Friday, August 24, 2012


A got a package today from Very Josie. So if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I have eaten them all, turning my body into a giant, fat mass of chocolate, and have gotten stuck in Willy Wonka's pipes like Augustus Gloop.

Thank you, Josie!


Rob said...

The look great.

Would look better with nuts.

qdpsteve said...

"I want it NOWWWWWwwwwwww!...."

Honk honk!

(sound of Grump going down the 'Bad' hatch)


Memphis MOJO said...

I love a blogger who keeps her promise. Hope there's no nuts.

lightning36 said...

"Would look better with nuts."

Knowing Josie, Rob, I speculated that they would have testicles on them ...

Thanks for sharing, Grump ... NOT!

Anonymous said...

It kills me that by the time you got them they were 3 days old. Grrr...but I hope you enjoy them.

Time for a new incentive baby! And this time you'll have to win more than a mere $700. You're capable of MUCH more.


Fred said...

Very Nice! I'm in favor of the no-nuts brownies also! Also very slightly interesting, I just introduced my almost-2-year-old to Willy Wonka a few days ago.(The Gene Wilder, in my opinion, best one. She pronounces it "Wonka Wonka" which is much more hilarious to hear than it looks.) I believe your post is further proof of the existence of thought bubbles. My thoughts must've taken a few days to bounce across the country and into your head to make that Augustus comment. Congrats, btw, regarding the task completed to deserve those brownies!

Lindy99 said...

Did you bring them to the Prince William party to share or did you just sink into a brownie coma? Well deserved reward for a nice run up on BCP in a very short timeframe, congrats!