Sunday, August 05, 2012

Live blogging updates (sort of)

OK, I'm about halfway through both tournaments that I started right after last post. In the $33 HORSE, 27 started, 14 left, I'm in 3rd place. Four spots pay, ranging from $105 to $324.

In a NLHE tournament, $15 buy-in, 103 started, 50 are left, I'm in 5th. 18 spots pay, ranging from $19 to $428.

Will post updates here as warranted.

8:57 pm

Ugh. Brutal HORSE level. Down to 9/9 left. One hand went bad in NLHE, enough to take me down to 12/35, but still a little above average. Not in danger there.

9:16 pm

Redemption in HORSE, now 2/7. Slippage in NLHE, now 23/25, push or fold mode.

9:25 pm

2/6 in HORSE. Major suckout in NLHE. Shoved with Q6, called by KK, made straight with the 6 to stay alive. 10/21.

9:27 pm

Now on both bubbles simultaneously!

9:33 pm

In the money in both.

9:36 pm

Lost an all-in race in NLHE, my 10-10 vs. A-Q. Out in 16th for another %^&*#@ min-cash! $19. That's about a $2 profit, and is only slightly less annoying than bubbling. Ugh.

I'm 2/3 left in HORSE.

9:43 pm

Out in 3rd place in HORSE. $154.

That puts balance up to $861, which is only $30 more than when I started playing almost nine hours ago. Ugh.

OK, one more tournament tonight. Do or die. Fortunately, it's already paid for. Starts at 10:00. Right now, only 13 are registered, but I'm sure lots more will come along. $6000 guaranteed prize pool, $2400 for 1st as things now stand, but that will change.


56 registered, 42 left, I'm in 5th with more than double starting stack already. Played A-K with far more daring than I usually do and forced folds both times. I think I was good, but I was not at all sure when I moved in either time. Turbo event, gotta ratchet up the courage factor.


Doubled up when a guy with stack just a hair shorter than mine got in raising war with me. I had QQ, he had JJ. The ladies held up. 57 started, 44 left, I'm in 2nd place.


First break. Late registration over. Final tally: 62 runners, 24 left, I'm in 7th. 9 places will pay, from $186 to $1984. I need to make at least $339 to reach the $1200 mark, which means getting to 6th place ($372) or better.


Caught a gutterball against the aggressive chip leader on my left, he shoved, I called with the nuts. Now 3/16.


Guy pushed with AJ, I called with AK, held. Then somebody tried to check-raise me off top/top. I smelled a rat and was having none of it, and shoved. He instafolded. Now in 1st place with 14 left:


Wow! My AK versus AJ, flop AKJ. I won, now massive chip leader.


9 left. We're in the money. Still way out in front with about 1/3 of all the chips.

11:34 pm

Down to 6, which means that even if I go out next (not likely, still chip leader by a large margin), I will make enough to break $1200. I have won Josie's brownies!

11:48 pm

4 left, still small chip lead.

11:56 pm

Break. Still 4 in. I'm down to 3rd place.

12:05 am

Out in 4th place. I shoved with suited AQ, called by slightly bigger stack with A-10. He flopped one 10, and rivered a third one just to rub it in.

Payout: $620.

End of live blog. I'll go do a wrap-up post.


tim arbuckle said...

Not sure which is more exciting tonight. Curiosity landing on Mars or you winning Josie's brownies.

Josie said...

It's a monumentous night! Congratulations! BTW I had NO doubt I'd be making brownies for you. Very very impressive playing.

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