Monday, August 06, 2012


As the post below this one details blow by blow, I actually pulled it off. Last night I was highly pessimistic that I would be able to replicate yesterday's results and get myself to $1200 before the end of the night. I put my chance of success at under 10%.

When I got up today, I found this email from Josie, apparently in response to my closing comment last night that I was waiting for her to tell me which events to play:
Now I want you to win another token. And then play another tourney. Having a small party for evan's bday, which is actually tomorrow, so I won't be around until early evening my time. Like not before 7pm. Don't let that stop you from doing your thang though. It would be great if you had your token won by 7pm so I can watch you play a big tourney with sharks. I fully expect the bloodshed to be shark blood.

1.) Win the token
2.) Win big cash in a big tourney

Hop to it!
Well, I didn't do that. I wanted to play in the big Sunday $11 tourney with guaranteed prize money. When I busted out of that, there wasn't a token tourney soon, so I jumped into something else, then another something else, and another. Nothing to show for any of it.

So I decided I had better do as I had been told, lest I incur the wrath of a Sicilian. I entered an $11 token event, and pulled one out fairly easily. It was for a $109 tournament, which I was going to use to play the only $100 event left on today's schedule--the same one as I did last night. While waiting for that to start, I eked out two small cashes, one in a HORSE, one in a no-limit hold'em.

Then it was time for the sink-or-swim tourney. I did even better than last night! I finished in 4th, and likely could have gotten at least 3rd if not for an ugly beat on the last hand. That scored me $620 on my $11 initial investment. I spent quite a bit (well, maybe $70-80) during the afternoon on that bunch of tournaments that yielded nothing, but this one more than compensated for it.

Above is a screen shot of my end-of-day balance on Black Chip Poker. Josie had originally challenged me to double my balance, which was then (July 25) sitting at $660.72. She later amended that to a threshold of an even $1200 balance--but I did both! That $1485.98 you see above is about $286 over the second, lower goal, and about $164 over the original goal. Of course, I needed every last little bit of the extra five days that she tacked on to the original terms, but the past 15 days is still the fastest I've earned money with online poker. A body just needs to have a goal and sufficient motivation, I guess.

My deepest thanks to Josie for providing both the goal and the additional incentive, as well as for opening my eyes to how profitable the MTTs on the Merge network can be. As you can see, there isn't much that I won't do for brownies. Well, brownies and money.


(And please remember: No nuts.)


Josie said...

Wheee! Congrats!

I guess I literally must "ship the brownies".

What have we learned here, besides the fact that you like brownies? Tournament play is your strength.

THETA Poker said...

Congratulations! Being able to pull that off, under deadline pressure no less, is fantastic. I, like most of your readers/fans, was rooting for you but not too optimistic about your chances. Wow.

sevencard2003 said...

reading all this really makes me feel i should find a stable home address, and do almost 100% of my play on feltstars. maybe i should try mtts instead of cash and don sngs, but then again, i should stick with what ive been winning at shouldnt i?

Rakewell said...

I don't have any way of knowing what you should play, Tony. Hell, I apparently didn't even know what *I* should be playing. I was doing single-table tournaments because they were fast and relatively easy to cash in, but clearly that's not where the big money is to be made.

sevencard2003 said...

im just happy to have the initial $34 vook transferred me that was my original BCP acct i sent him, up to just over $150. time for me to get those documents in and start withdrawing. bcp already approved my documents although thats on my old expired ID. u better do it too, how would u feel if the govt shut them down when u have such a large sum tied up there?

lightning36 said...

Congrats. Yes -- the poker gods were cruel to you at the end.

Unfortunately, I fear the lesson you have learned and perhaps spread to your readership is that the road to success goes through women who tell you what to do. Men are often confronted with this concept shortly after marriage. You have now apparently confirmed that marriage is inconsequential in this.

I fear for the future. Have shuttles to Mars begun yet?

Rakewell said...


Women are and always have been in charge of everything. Life as a man is easier once one accepts this as truth.

Richard said...

<> <-- fixed your post

Are you planning to cash out from this site soon or are you going to wait until the DOJ seizes their assets?

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job.

SHIP THE BROWNIES! (And please remember: No nuts.)

A poker player who doesn't want the nuts?? Wow.

You didn't ask for my advice, but I'd try and ca$h out a chunk. Let us know what happens.

Lindy99 said...

Hey Grump,

Great job on running up the online roll. Does your recent MTT success have you thinking of playing more tourneys like the Aria daily instead of most of your time being spent on cash games?

Rob said...

Your nauseating comment to Lightning about women controlling everything explains your previous baffling position that brownies should not have nuts.

Brownies are like men--they should have nuts.

Rob said...

Oh, but I do want to say that what you accomplished is very impressive, Grump. Amazing, in fact. Nice run.

Congratulations for earning those brownies,even tho they won't be as good as brownies could be with nuts.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to see how successful you will be at withdrawing the money.

Now that process could lead to some EPIC posts!

-JP from Philly

Anonymous said...

Like others have said, the withdraw process should be interesting, and quite frankly, blog worthy. Good luck with the 6 week wait.