Thursday, October 11, 2012

More life updates

1. New car got 31 mpg around town on its first tank of gas. I know you've all been on pins and needles waiting for that number, so I'm putting it as the first item here, to avoid further suspense.

2. I got new shoes today:

They're Eckos. $50 at the downtown outlet store. That's probably the most I've paid for a pair of shoes in, oh, at least 15 years. Quite a splurge, eh?

The last time I got new shoes (see post here) was three days before I met Cardgrrl. Obviously good things happen when I buy new shoes. What life-changing event will it be this time?

3. More progress on learning how to take care of my bike. Last night I took apart and put back together my front brake mechanism, then adjusted the position and tension. Neither of my two books was as helpful as I needed for this task, but I found a guy who does extremely helpful YouTube videos on bicycle maintenance and repair. His channel is here.

4. While out riding the other day I spotted a place on the sidewalk where somebody had etched "Bicycle Bob." I swear it wasn't me!

5. I've had some cars and, worse, trucks zoom past me with barely a hair's width of space between us. If I had wobbled a bit or deviated just a few inches to the left as these vehicles were passing, I'd have been hit. It seems that many Nevada drivers don't know that they are required to give bicyclists the full lane if there are two or more lanes available to them, or a minimum of three feet of clearance if there is only one lane. Here's the actual statute:
NRS 484B.270 Vehicles, bicycles and electric bicycles: Driver’s duty of due care; additional penalty if driver is proximate cause of collision with person riding bicycle.
1. The driver of a motor vehicle shall not intentionally interfere with the movement of a person lawfully riding a bicycle or an electric bicycle. 
2. When overtaking or passing a bicycle or electric bicycle proceeding in the same direction, the driver of a motor vehicle shall exercise due care and: (a) If there is more than one lane for traffic proceeding in the same direction, move the vehicle to the lane to the immediate left, if the lane is available and moving into the lane is reasonably safe; or (b) If there is only one lane for traffic proceeding in the same direction, pass to the left of the bicycle or electric bicycle at a safe distance, which must be not less than 3 feet between any portion of the vehicle and the bicycle or electric bicycle, and shall not move again to the right side of the highway until the vehicle is safely clear of the overtaken bicycle or electric bicycle. 
6. I had a long ride planned for this morning, but it was raining. Plans foiled. While out on errands this afternoon, I parked near one of the washes that has a riding trail next to it and watched the water flowing in the wash:

This is after roughly 12 hours of a steady drizzle, not one of the fast downpours that sometimes hit us. I'd really like to see what these washes look like after one of those. It's something I've never done in six years of living here. Next time it happens, I'm going.

7. In the morning I'm off to Salt Lake City for a family visit weekend.


Lindy99 said...

Do you allow food/drink in the new vehicle? Specifically mashed potatoes? Nice kicks (as the kids say) car, bike, shoes...2-4 must be treating The Grump well, keep it going and I see a new smart phone in your future. Have a good time in SLC, I had lived in Sandy for a year as a kid and recall it as a nice place.

Wolynski said...

One reason I gave up biking in Vegas - too bloody dangerous. Oh, yeah, and my (cheap) bikes being stolen.

Biggest danger I found was cars pulling out of driveways, parking lots, etc - for some reason cyclists are invisible to them.

Couple of times I was going at a merry clip downhill on a quiet, deserted street and suddenly there's a car pulling out of a driveway right in front of me.

I love biking, but I won't do it in the city anymore.

sevencard2003 said...

i still need to buy me another bike. but why if it will just get stolen again?

anyway the main reason i got on here to post, was because u have a link on my blog, getting u a ton of new readers, and i cannot find the same link to me on ur blog.

Big-O said...

On your post of your 2009 shoe purchase you state your hourly win rate.
I wondered:
1--If you still keep detailed enough records that you could know your current win rate?
2--When you identified your win rate, what span of time did it cover?
3--and lastly what your win rate is now that lead you to "baby needs new shoes" territory.
I realize asking your win rate is a rather personal request and if I've crossed the blog comment decorum line, please set me straight.
Thanx again for your blog. I very much enjoy it.

Rakewell said...

1. Of course.

2. Um, it says right in the post that it was only for the first part of that month. Isn't that clear?

3. None of your business.