Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vote hedgehog

Hat tip: Cardgrrl.

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MisterFred said...

It astounds me that demagogues like Mr. Hedgehog believe the American people are foolish enough to believe they are truly 'outsides'. The Hedgehog in question, Mr. Hedgehog, is in fact a politician himself. Does he believe all those terrible things included in his advertisements also apply to him?

Just more of the double speak spiny and non-spiny politicians alike employ on a regular basis.

Mr. Hedgehog can campaign as an 'outsider' all he wants. But we here at Duped Into Ignoring Any Real Issues will note his townhouse in the D.C. suburbs and long career as a lobbyist.

We rate Mr. Hedgehog's advertisement as Misleading by Cute and Furry.