Thursday, November 01, 2012

"Repeat critical violations"

A few months ago I tried, liked, and recommended to you a Cuban/Mexican restaurant just a block from my apartment building.

Tonight I walked by it, noticed that it was closed, thought that that was peculiar, and looked more closely. This sign is posted on the front door:

It's from the health department. The place is ordered closed because of "repeat critical violations" of the food code.

That does not sound good.

I hereby retract my recommendation.

Addendum: Apparently it's been closed for a while now, and I never noticed:


JT88Keys said...

The bacteria makes it goooood.

Big-O said...

Last time I was in Las Vegas I ate there as based on your recommendation and it was excellent. The only issue was I ate too much. I hope it reopens.

Anonymous said...

Your review was from May, but this linked article is from April. Is it possible that they cleaned up their act and reopened in late April, received your favorable review, then got hit with their third strike afterward?

Rakewell said...

That's my best guess.

Rakewell said...

Here's more on the chronology. Apparently this most recent shut-down had just occurred the day before I saw the sign.