Friday, November 02, 2012

Two poker rooms closed this week

So says Dave Ferrara, writing for Pokerati. Specifically, Jokers Wild and Aliante Station. See

By my count (I'm looking at the records of where I have played), 64 different casinos currently have a poker room or have had one at some point since I moved to Vegas in July of 2006, two of which (Speedway and Railroad Pass) I never got to play at while they were open. Current count is right around 50. Thinking about each of them individually, I count only 23 that have been open continuously and in the same location since I've been in town, and I really think that two or three of the ones I virtually never visit have moved, though I can't picture exactly where they used to be, so I'm crediting them with constancy. If 23 out of 64 have gone basically unchanged in six years; 41 out of 64 have moved, closed, and/or opened in that time span.

Ya think things change fast around here?


Stack said...

Sometimes I wonder (and fear)
that poker will fade away somewhat over coming years. The days
pre-Moneymaker, when Casinos closed a lot of the rooms will come around again?

Is there any published Nevada/Las Vegas statistic on total poker rake/drop on a year by year basis?

grrouchie serge said...

Sucks about Aliante but only because I live a stones throw from there and really would have liked a close casino to play at when I start playing again next year.

I don't mind the trip to the strip or old strip or wherever but it's always nice to have somewhere to play that's not 20 minutes away.

Anonymous said...

Great blog.

Two questions, since you live in Vegas and are a poker pro:

1) Does it seem like over the last year that there has been an acceleration of closing poker rooms (it certainly sounds like it...),


2) leading up to/within the last year, have you noticed other changes (for example, closing lower stakes tables, reducing the number of tables, changing the hours of poker rooms, etc)?