Sunday, April 20, 2014

Poker gems, #470

Ed Miller, in Card Player magazine column, March 19, 2014 (vol. 27, #6), pp. 41-42.

Winning poker requires high aggression and much risk-taking. You cannot systematically reduce the risk and still play a strong game. It can't be done.

Elite a particularly high-variance style because that's the best, most profitable way to play. If you intentionally try to reduce your variance, you must accept that you will never play well.


Tony Bigcharles said...

bullshit. managing ur money (not having more than 3%-5% on the table ever) is far more important than doing what he says. yes that will reduce ur variance (and ur overall win rate) buying in for less, but it will sure keep u from ever going broke, and that alone can greatly improve the quality of ur life in the long run.

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Rakewell said...

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