Friday, April 25, 2014

"The biggest kettle of fish in North America"

That's how David Samuels, writing for The Atlantic, describes Maryland Live, the new 52-table poker room. It's a good read on the ecology of a new, large poker room, opening in what had been basically a poker desert.


angerisagift said...

great article.maryland is close to north carolina,sir.time 4 the grump to start fishing again. i think,sir. i need to read a blog from REAL POKER ROUNDER/GRINDER with killer content not 1 were the writer whines about losing at VP and VBJ,talks about needing money ,so he can lose at VBJ and VP,and tells his reader that he needs to sleep.well,KCCO,sir.

Rob said...

That is a great read.

I had the same thought as anger....without looking at the map, NC can't be that far away from Maryland Live, it's time for a road trip, Grump.

And anger....Hey, I hardly EVER write about VBJ & VP. What are talking about? :)

Rakewell said...

You guys need to brush up on your geography. 500 miles, 7 1/2 hours (according to Google Maps). And based on Cardgrrl's extensive experience driving between Asheville and D.C., that time is wildly optimistic.

angerisagift said...

@grump sounds like a perfect bike ride to me. make up 4 all the time the bike has been in the box. @rob. LMAO.u know who i mean,sir.

Rob said...

Well, geography was always my worst subject in school.

But ok, I'm sure there are some nice hotels in the vicinity.

Sounds like a nice weekend getaway for the two of you.