Saturday, April 18, 2015

Catawba Falls

Yesterday was my monthly all-day date with Nina. The highlight was the three-mile (round trip) hike to Catawba Falls, a spot about 20 miles west of Asheville.

Nina noticed this critter, which I think is one of the many species of "Appalachian mimic millipedes."

Getting to the falls from the parking area requires crossing shallow parts of the Catawba River a few times. This is Nina trying the wading method. I tried the rock-hopping method, which kept my feet and pants legs only marginally more dry.

We passed by a couple of abandoned buildings...

...and some rusty steel cables.

Then, of course, there was the river and falls and rocks and trees and, well, nature in general.

It's hard to either describe or show how pretty it is in the little part of the world called western North Carolina. I guess you'll just have to visit--or move!--here and see for yourself.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice photos. Sounds like you are enjoying the life you've composed in Asheville.

Rakewell said...

I am indeed. I think I'm generally happier than at any previous time of my life.