Friday, February 05, 2010

Deuce-Four day results

Just got back from a session at the Palms, leaving with a tidy profit. It all came in five big hands:

1) AA held up.

2) QQ flopped a set.

3) 10-10 flopped a set.

4) 5-5 flopped a set.

5) Apropos for the day, 2h-4h flopped 8-2-2, which then turned into a full house with turn and river 10s. Of course it was good. Duh!

Aces, sets, and 2-4 all not only holding up but taking down large pots is my definition of a favorable session.

February is off to a great start, poker-wise. (Some other things not so good, but I'll tell you more about that sometime in the next few days.)

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Anonymous said...

Flopped 3d-5d-6h with 2d-4d today (Feb 4th). No straight flush, but the straight held up. Thanks, Deuce-Four!