Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy 2-4!

As all of my good acolytes know (the date being circled in red on their calendars) today is the holiest day of the year: 2-4. (European readers are allowed to make April 2 their major celebration, since they tend to write the date in reverse order compared to us 'Mericans.)

More than any other day, you must seek out opportunities to play the deuce-four, bet and raise with it. The poker gods are watching and will reward your fealty.

If perchance you are a new reader and have not yet been introduced to the most powerful hand in hold'em, just click that "deuce-four" label at the end of the post for a list of all the pertinent stories that have been recounted here.

Happy Deuce-Four Day!


BWoP said...

Happy 2-4 Day!

Coincidence that my poker anniversary is 2-4? I think not. I must have had the innate sense that commencing my poker "career" on the holiest day of the poker year was a good thing :-)

gadzooks64 said...

Let's see, I've been reading your blog for some time now but today is the first time I realized that my birthday is 2-4! D'oh!

I guess that means duece four deserves even more love from me than it already gets.

You think people will figure it out when I say my birthday is duece four?

Rakewell said...

Happy birthday!