Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey, I know her!

One of the fun things about having gotten to know more and more poker bloggers over time is that many of them moonlight as poker tournament reporters for various media outlets. As a result, they are sitting or wandering around in back of the action when the tournaments get televised. It's fun (though slightly distacting in terms of following the game) to watch for them. For example, during the NBC heads-up bracket tournament now being shown, I frequently see my friends F-Train and Katkin plinking away at their laptops in the stands.

Tonight I was watching the latest installment of ESPN's coverage of the North American Poker Tour event at the Venetian from February, and caught a glimpse of Jen, who was one of my partners in the blogger tournament last December. You can just barely see her there looking ghostly at the edge of the screen. Hi, Jen! I still haven't seen Brad Willis there yet, though I know that he was there. (I suspect that's him next to Jen, but they didn't get a clear shot of him.)

I admit it--I am much too easily amused sometimes.


Otis said...

Grump--That is, indeed, my receded hairline next to Jen and behind Richey. Someday they are going to make me start wearing a stocking cap or something.

Jennifer said...

Hi Grump! I would never have seen myself there had you not pointed it out. :)