Friday, April 30, 2010

Poker gems, #355

Chris "Fox" Wallace, in Poker Pro magazine column, April, 2010, p. 64.

A $5-$10 spread-limit game has been running regularly at my local cardroom (Running Aces Harness Park in Minnesota), and I've been heading out there more often lately.... Minnesota state law limits the maximum bet size to $60, so it's not possible to make the kind of money I make online, but it helps fight the cabin fever. Don't even get me started about a state that advertises its lottery all over billboards and allows a drunk to buy a thousand dollars worth of pull-tabs in most of the bars in town but has set a $60 cap on poker games. Ridiculous.

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alex said...

Instead of using $1 chips, they should try to use $1 lottery tickets. Would it be illegal to bet more than $60 in lottery tickets?