Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worst scooper ever?

I'm in a HORSE tournament on Stars. A few minutes ago I won this pot with what I think might be the worst Omaha/8 scooper hand EVAR. It was limped pre-flop, and checked all around on every street thereafter. Even with nobody taking a crack at it at any point, I was surprised to have the winner on either half of the pot, let alone the whole thing.

By my count I had the 18th nuts on the high end (potentially beating me were 1 straight, 5 sets, 10 ways to make two pair, and aces in the hole for a higher one pair), and the only slightly more respectable 4th nuts on the low end (potentially beaten by A2, A4, and 24).

If you can tell me of a worse O/8 hand that won both the high and low sides of a pot--especially at a full table, with three or more at the showdown--go ahead and brag about it in the comments.


Greylocks said...

You must not play much small-stakes O/8.

iganatz said...

I actually won a tournament hand last week that went to showdown like this: I'm holding AKQ9 rainbow in the BB. The final board was 277J2, two spades. My opponents held AT93 two spades and KQ98 two spades. We had just reached the final table (from 580 players) and play had tightened up to a nearly ridiculous point. I had been stealing mercilessly with the big stack but saw no reason to get stupid oop with my trash. It was checked down the whole way.