Thursday, June 17, 2010

WP, Cardgrrl

My dear friend Cardgrrl played in Event #31, the $1500 HORSE tournament, at the World Series of Poker yesterday and today. I watched her through most of yesterday and all of today, though the latter was only about 45 minutes.

She played very well throughout, making few mistakes, and not particularly costly ones at that. In the end, she got her last money (maybe seven big bets) in during the stud round with rolled-up kings against the big-stacked Michael Binger, who drew out a club flush. Literally a "nothing you can do about it" situation, in which she got her money in as a big favorite.

Binger was on her right (as you can see), Jason Mercier two to her left. Her second table yesterday featured Jon Friedberg on her immediate right, Jose Barbero on her immediate left, and Robert Williamson III two to her left. As F-Train sarcastically snorted when seeing where she was positioned last night, "Easy table draw."

She held her own against one soft table (the first yesterday) and two tough ones. She simply didn't get that extra dose of run-good that is a sine qua non of success in any poker tournament. If she had--e.g., simply pairing any of her other cards in that hand against Binger--she would still be playing now, and ready to get into the money. Even as it was, she outlasted more than two-thirds of the field (828 starting, 247 returning for Day Two).

In any event, she played her very best game, maintained a good attitude and excellent discipline throughout, and I could not be more proud of her performance. Well done, my friend.

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