Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blindsided by the Might

I dunno. Maybe I shoulda seen it coming.


bastinptc said...

Live by the sword...

Anonymous said...

That's the thing about the mighty duece-four, you don't see it coming, which is generally how you would feel if you were hit in the head by a two bye four. A player in the venetian used that line a few months ago, in a $1200 pot in a 1/2 game. The betting on river was check, $100 bet, raise to $500, and a call, first to go says he has a set, the second before flipping his cards, says "I have the hand you don't see coming until it hits you over the head like a two by four!!!" Certainly a poker grump reader, I laughed the rest of the night. Of course he had hit runner runner for the flush and takes down the pot.

steeser said...

I was playing some 1-2 NL at one of my local establishments in Michigan on Saturday night, and saw the power of the 2-4 first hand. I was sitting with about $215 going into the hand, and was in the SB with 24o. UTG limped (had been a thorn in my side for most of the night, but I knew he would overplay a hand), all folded to me, and I decided just to complete, and the BB checked his option. Now as an aside, I know you might recommend raising for value here, but I decided to just complete the BB for deception sake.

The pot was only $6, and the flop came 853r. I checked, the BB led out $15 (some of these players love the overbet). When the UTG called the $15, I decided to change my decision from folding to calling and hope to drill my open ender.

The turn was the lovely A. I checked again, the BB bet $25, and UTG raised to $50. At that point I had a tough decision, as both raising and calling showed significant strength. Because calling I felt gave up as much info as raising, I decided to raise, and popped it up to $100. The BB folded , and UTG debated and called.

The river was kinda ugly, a 2, which I felt increased the likelihood of him being able to dump a hand like aces up. I moved in for my last $100, and he debated for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and decided to call. I turned over my cards, and he said “I thought that was what you had.” and proceeded to muck.
Thanks Grump!