Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess the casino, #615

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Answer: Palace Station


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a newbie, and I need help from you or anybody else who reads this blog, which is my favorite needless to say...
I was catching up with the Main Event broadcast on ESPN and I saw something that really confused me.
Last year's runner-up Darwin Moon was on a hand with X and he rivered a nut flush, he was last to act, X checked the river and Moon checked as well sensing that he won't be getting a call or trying to get some info by looking at his cards.
the table -whinning arseholes- started complaining and asking for a penalty, what gives?, he in fact should have the right to bet or check anytime he wants.
I've never heard of the rule, but I don't feel so bad since the runner up of the freaking main event didn't know that either.

Help please, and when/if someone answers, can you tell me if I'm not alone when I think its a moronic rule?

Bonus question:

Moneymaker was assumedly waiting for a foul mouth moron to make a decision, when he finally call the clock he said that he was waiting for Moneymaker to make the decision, that he was actually pushed all in. Ended up losing a bunch of chips with a mindless bluff.

If no one calls for the clock, does it mean that the idiot thinking can spend the rest of the session doing so? Or does floor manager has a saying in these situations?

Thanks a lot everybody!
Capt. Charisma

Anonymous said...

In tournament play the player last to act at the river with the stone cold nuts is required to bet or raise... he/she must make the last aggressive action in the hand... it is soft playing to check the nuts on the river when last to act... soft play is not allowed in tournaments using TDA rules.