Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Life fail

I made some yummy stuff for my lunch today, but while eating the first of what should have been about four meals' worth from it, accidentally left the rest sitting on the stove. With the burner still on. Realized it only about 15 minutes later. Rest of stuff ruined.

Ironically--or perhaps fittingly, given our advanced ages (I'll be eligible for the old folks' event at the WSOP next year)--Cardgrrl did nearly the same thing once while I was visiting her. At the time, I teased her that leaving stove burners on accidentally is the classic sign that one's mental acuity has diminished to a point that it is no longer safe to live alone. Now it doesn't seem quite as funny.

I expect my family to intervene and cart me off to an assisted-living facility (completely devoid of dangerous implements such as stoves) any minute now.


Cardgrrl said...

In my own defense, I would like to point out that:

1) I left the OVEN on, and
2) it was EMPTY.

That is all.

Rakewell said...

See? My memory is failing so badly I couldn't remember stovetop versus oven.

Wolynski said...

First, the vision thing and now this and you don't even drink or smoke anything.

I'd say the situation is critical.

--S said...

Just be glad there was no grease or oil involved. Dicegrrl loves to relate the story of the time I intended to cook fried chicken for dinner and got involved watching a TV show while waiting for the oil to heat. Oops. Kitchen fires suck :)