Friday, September 03, 2010

Monster of a game

I just had an idea for a poker home-game variant: Double-flop Omaha (which, despite the name, means two full boards), high-low, with mandatory run-it-twice turn and river. That makes a total of four boards, and pots that can be split eight ways, even if there are only two players. If there are more than two players, and some tie for some portion of some pot, it might get split, oh, I dunno, about 32 ways. The best part is that you'd get through about one hand an hour--play the hand, then spend 55 minutes arguing over who won which portion(s) and how the chips get divided.

"N0, no, no. Look, it's very simple. I get 7/16 of the top and 3/8 of the bottom, Jim got quartered on the top and eighthed on the bottom, Suzi gets 5/16 of the top and 1/8 of the bottom. No, wait--her two pair got counterfeited on the second river on the bottom, and she tied for the nut low with Randy and Lisa, so she only gets 1/3 of 1/4 of 1/2...."

Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Just don't make me the dealer.


Anonymous said...

In my best Guinness voice, "Brilliant!"

DuggleBogey said...


Keiser said...

Actually once when I auditioned at TI I dealt 3-2-1 Omaha, 3 flops, 2 turns, 1 river. You can use any combination to make the best hand. That's pretty close.

Don't remember if it was PL or high low however, I doubt it.

Nomad said...

I think they tried this variation in Atlantic City but there were too many dealer suicides.