Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I can scarcely believe that the Deuce-Four would turn on me like that, after all I have done for it.

I am left speechless.


pokerpeaker said...

From what I gather in your other posts, though, you mostly talk about how powerful the 2-4 is as a hand in general, like it's a magic sword or something, not a hand that only works for you.

Quite frankly, you should have known it was out there. A sword can be used by others too. :)

Keith B said...

Hi Love reading your blog from over here in Australia.

Just read this article about someone else who got dusted by the mighty 2-4.

You can read about it at the following page just scroll down to "2:00 PM - Jokers Wild" at:

Keep up the great work. I get to Vegas once a year and you help me get through the year till I can fly over again.


Aussie Keith B.