Wednesday, October 20, 2010


...but extremely flattered at this, from VegasRex (now transitioning to Pacific North Rex, after a move to the Seattle area):

I've surfed a bit over the past month and there are a few locals that are
turning out fresh, non-press release content on a daily basis. Abowitz has
his own site now and Poker Grump is still going strong, so I think the Vegas
blogosphere is in good hands. As a matter of fact, if I get around to
voting for the Trippie Awards this year (which I am obviously no longer eligible
to receive), I will pull the lever for those two. Consider this my


And for those who don't know who the "Abowitz" referred to is, see here: Definitely worth adding to your RSS feed.

While I'm at it, I just realized it's been a few months since I Googled myself to see who what other bloggers might have been saying about me. Most of these I saw when they were first written (since I have about 87 kajillion poker blogs in my RSS feed), others were new discoveries just now:

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steeser said...

Awesome, I made your blog! Was not the intention of the post, but I figured the 24o was worthy of mentioning.