Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poker gems, #392

Phil Hellmuth, on the PokerStars Big Game, October 6, 2010.

I mean, I've added stats and math to my game completely, because, y'know, one of the things I love is the way that the mathematics, the new mathematics in poker, defines the moves that I've made for decades. And I do completely incorporate mathematics and statistics in my game, because why wouldn't you learn that stuff? It takes a couple of hours to really understand the math in poker. Why wouldn't I learn it? I think it's more difficult for them, the mathematical players, to learn what I do, because that's a God-given talent.

[Pardon me while I barf. I bet that Chris Ferguson, Bill Chen, and Jerrod Ankenman are jealous that Phil was able to master the mathematics of poker in just a couple of hours.]

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Glenn said...

I bet all those guys are actually pretty happy that Phil thinks he has mastered the math in a couple of hours.