Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dancing donkey

I am definitely not a fan of trash talking, rubbing salt in opponents' wounds, etc. I don't do it myself, and most of the time I don't enjoy seeing it done by others. (I'll make an exception if Phil Hellmuth is the recipient.)

But I'm watching the new season of the Full Tilt Million Dollar Challenge, and I can't help smiling at the dancing donkey that Mike Matusow brings to the proceedings. It's just so silly that it would be hard to get offended at it.

(I realize that it would make more sense to splice these four clips together into one, but I haven't learned how to do that yet in MS Movie Maker. It was something of a technological breakthrough for me to figure out how to snip out the relevant segments from the shows. I'll tackle the resplicing problem another day.)


Conan776 said...

Hah, I saw most of that episode. It looked like a floorman kept yanking the dancing donkey off the table after each performance and would stick it out on the rail somewhere but, somehow, it kept making its way back to the table which I thought was half the fun.

Michael said...

I agree with your thoughts, it's not that bad, the fact that it's funny and different I think softens the trash talk nature of it though.

However, I'd say it has an extremely short shelf life, before it would become annoying and over the top.