Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laak on cheating

I was just reading the February issue of Bluff magazine and came across another retrospective bit of insight about the Ali Tekintamgac cheating scandal. In case you haven't heard of it before, this player had at least one "blogger" secretly working for him, with media credentials so as to be able to get close to the tables. The blogger would position himself in a way that he could see other players' hole cards, and signal them to Tekintamgac. See Shamus's excellent two-part account of the whole sordid affair here and here.

Anyway, Phil Laak recounts an interesting experience sharing a table with Tekentamgac at the Partouche event:
I found the rhythm of the game rather enjoyable, except for this one poker blogger who was hell bent on seeing my cards. Yes, it was Ali's 'blogger'. I had no idea they were a cheating duo at the time. All I wanted was the for guy to stop shadowing me so hard. At the time I thought he was just curious as to how I was playing. Though slightly flattered I thought that he could get a better education sweating one of the better pros. Ahhh, but they were not at Ali's table. It is funny how the whole thing makes so much sense now that Ali got caught.

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