Sunday, February 13, 2011

Punctuation fail

I noticed this tournament board at Mandalay Bay this afternoon. Somebody in the poker room management, at some point, made this thing. I can just imagine what happened. There was just the plan word "Players" there. The sign-maker looked at it and thought, "Something's missing." The apostrophe went in, and the sign-maker said "Yes! That's it! Perfect!"


Memphis MOJO said...

It's amazing how many Americans don't know high school English.

Their, there and they're -- it's not hard. To, two and too and its and it's.

lightning36 said...

Your smart to pick that one up. I never played their before. I need to try other rooms to.

Memphis MOJO said...

@lightning: lol

HighOnPoker said...

Grump, would you mind if I post the pic at It's a blog that I started with my wife as her pet project. She posts photos that she takes of misspelled signs, and I think yours counts. Please let me know. I will include a link back to you with credit.


Rakewell said...

Go right ahead.