Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Content thief at it again

In late February I posted a short note about a web site, "rodmanpoker" that was reposting, without permission or even notification, content from this and other poker blogs. I emailed the site owner. He apologized, said he was just experimenting with code, and took down the purloined posts.

Well, earlier today my friend Shamus let me know that the guy is at it again. Sure enough, I see one of Shamus's recent Peru travel reports posted there. There is also a copy of a couple of posts from the Carbon Poker blog, this one from PartTimePoker, this one from Pokerati, etc.

I was willing to accept his apology and explanation when it had just happened once. Now, however, this is clearly a pattern. His previous explanation that he was just messing around with autoposting was plainly a lie; he seems to have decided to make it the source of everything he posts.

The contact information I have lists the site owner as "Dustin Cal," with email address of Fellow bloggers, you might let him know what you think of his ethics.

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