Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tourney status update

Well, I didn't have to wait until tournament starting time tonight to find out whether I would be allowed to play, due to having registered before the blackout hit. The answer is no. I and the other U.S. players were automatically unregistered. The only one left currently registered is somebody in Ecuador. So go ahead and sign up and play if you want (if you're someplace other than "the land of the free"), but I won't be able to join you, as they say, due to circumstances far beyond my control. Grrrrrr.


bastinptc said...

Happy Birthday anyway.

Josie said...

Happy 50th Grumpy!

Anonymous said...

have signed up in honour of grumpy

anyone non US feel free to join me or is going to be an epic England Vs Ecuador battle

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

this guy from ecuadar is a real jerk, timing out and trash talking, shame

Anonymous said...

well mr grump

england was victorious in 30mins, shame we didn't manage to get through a round of all games!

hope to play u again soon,

happy birthday!

summerlin (ur biggest fan!)

Anonymous said...


my opponent was in an angry mood from the get go (I am chat banned so did not retaliate) think he hated the chk raise

"PersonalGod (observer): this ARSEHOLE"

GG sir


Anonymous said...

Im from colombia, and I dont mean to deffend anybody, but maybe you were chat banned for a reason. douche

Anonymous said...