Friday, May 27, 2011

VPN app

I just downloaded the brand-new-for-Android VegasPokerNow app. I've only spent a few minutes with it, but I'm already glad to have it. If it did nothing else, just having all the poker room phone numbers makes it worthwhile; now I don't have to have my contacts list cluttered up with them. But additionally, it has current room promotions, tournament schedules, visitor room reviews, maps, and more. At least a few times a month somebody at a poker table asks where there is a tournament for a certain buy-in range at a certain time. Previously I have directed them to the printed schedule that's always in the back of Card Player or Poker Player magazine. Now I can just whip out the LG Optimus V, press a couple of buttons, and hand it over like the modern man I aspire to be.

The app is free. Just go to the Android market and search for "Vegas Poker Now" or "VegasPokerNow"--either way works.

Someday I would love to see the app incorporate the next level of usefulness--an idea that I had long ago and wrote about here back in January of 2008: A continuously updated database of what games are currently being played at each poker room, and how many tables of each. It doesn't seem nearly as much of a stretch as it did when I first thought of it five years ago.


Sauza said...

I just downloaded it, but I feel like a dirty traitor.

Anonymous said...

I searched for it both ways, but it's not showing for me--has it been pulled from the android marketplace?

Rakewell said...

Nope--just checked and it's still there.

learn poker said...

Could you play poker here or does it simply show the schedule?