Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh well

Not much happened at the WSOP HORSE event. I won the first hand of the tournament, and another soon thereafter, but after that it was slim pickin's. There aren't even any particularly interesting hands to report--I had notepaper ready, but wrote none down, because they were all pretty straightforward. I just couldn't catch any major breaks. 960 people entered, and I busted out in approximately 700th place, about six hours into the thing.

I'm not upset. I did my best. No regrets. At best I had only a 10% chance of cashing going in, so this outcome is what was to be expected. I was neither the best nor the worst player at the table. I needed to get lucky to progress, and it just didn't happen. That's the way it is sometimes--most of the time, in fact.

At various times I had Erica Schoenberg, Robbie Mizrachi, and Victor Ramdin as recognizable faces at my table. Other than that, it was just all kind of "meh." I can't even say that it was fun, exactly--my tablemates were a bunch of stick-in-the-muds, people who (to borrow a line from Mike Caro) were taking the whole idea of a few million dollars way too seriously. But it was a worthwhile little adventure to add to my poker resume. I'm glad I had the experience.


THOMAS said...

so poker is pretty much luck??? huh...shocking...if the cards don't fall for you, it's tough to win!

it's cool you played in an event...wish you would have been luckier.

Anonymous said...

Gg grumpy, was rooting for u

Sweet pics, Erica nom nom nom

Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry to hear you didn't do better -- stuff happens.