Friday, June 10, 2011

Plates R Us

As you might expect, the Rio parking lot is rich with poker-themed vanity plates this time of year. Here are three I passed on my way out to my car.

That just has to be Jimmy Fricke's car.

This is one of my favorite ones ever. The car's alarm went off just from me standing behind it for the amount of time it took to get this shot. Weird.

I get the "holdm" part, but I'm unsure about the "CO" part. Colorado--with Nevada plates?

That's the car's owner you see coming into frame on the left. I didn't notice that he was sitting behind the wheel talking on his cell phone when I started taking pictures of the back of his car. (The first one didn't turn out because of glare from the late-day, low sun.) He came bolting out to confront me. He was plenty miffed that I had the nerve to take a photograph of his license plate. Hey, dude--chill out. It's out there in public for everybody to see already, not exactly an invasion of privacy!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you ask him about the CO? Maybe Cut Off

JK said...

The Porsche belongs to famed Tilt Boy Perry Friedman, BTW.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's Jimmy's car.