Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday grrl

Earlier this evening I was reading through the Cardgrrl archives to find some old posts she had written. I clicked "play" on this little video she recorded the morning of Day 2 of the WSOP event in which she cashed. Seeing the expression captured in the screen shot above tickled me greatly, so I decided to freeze it and use it here to wish her a happy birthday.

It was on her birthday, three years ago today, that she started her blog and her experimental year of poker playing. The experiment eventually convinced her that poker worked better for her as a hobby than as a profession, and it has subsequently taken a role of much less importance in her life. But we learned of each other through our blogs, so I thank my lucky stars that she undertook the project. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Happy birthday, my sweet.


astrobel said...

I miss her poker blog :-(

Anonymous said...

Take it easy Grump!
Calm Down.
Turn down the burner.
Love is great, but lets not get crazy here.
Don't YOU stop writing about poker!
Best Regards,