Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I've been playing two of these Bodog tourneys almost every day for a week without cashing once, which has been pretty demoralizing. My track record in them previously has been excellent. So it was nice to take one down, replenish the declining online bankroll, and restore some confidence. I was the shortest stack left just a few spots from the money, but rallied (obviously). Very pleased with how I played. The guy who was the big stack most of the last half of the tournament played like a maniac and hit hands like you wouldn't believe. But I picked spots well, let him take a lot of small pots, then beat him in nearly every big pot we played. It was entirely satisfying.


The Neophyte said...

Well done Mr Grump sir. It goes that way online for me too. Bad, bad, bad, then all of a sudden it turns around. Last night was all bad, even lost with AA all in preflop against Q-10 off. Some days it doesn't pay to play.

ManInBlack said...

Congrats man. U been running good the past couple months. First you get to play the Main Event now