Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bravo app

I learned from Twitter a few hours ago that there is now an app for your Android phone (I don't know about iPhone) that displays the current live games from all the poker rooms in the U.S. that use the Bravo table tracking system. It's called the Bravo Poker Live Mobile App, and it's available for free in the Android Market.

I downloaded it as soon as I heard of its existence. It's a great idea. In fact, it's a partial implementation of something I suggested here nearly four years ago.

But on first fire-up, I see that it is not yet very reliable. If the app is to be believed, right now there are no poker games going on at the Wynn, Venetian, Mirage, Bellagio, Aria, or MGM Grand. The chances of that being correct are--wait a sec, lemme pull out my old slide rule--zero.

However, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they'll work out the bugs over time, and this will turn into a handy way of finding where games are being spread at any given moment. I sure hope so. We've been needing something like this.


Lance said...

The iPhone version appears to have the same problems. Lots of poker room listings, but no table listings at all.

Jim Cheseborough said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this.
Been waiting for kinda "app" forever.

Yes, I see the "no game at MGM" problem too.

I also see some exciting info I was no aware of:
Caesars now has free Wi-Fi

Tarpie said...

Cool app. Good find.

Just went through the entire database. Very few places are providing their table counts to Bravo at this point in time. Just Fort McDowell in AZ, Commerce in CA, and Stations and Caesars properties in LV are reporting. I frequent CET casinos and will be in LV this weekend, so I will check the accuracy of the counts this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like the application. It pointed out a couple of sites I did not know about. But you are right, it is tough to believe that there are no games going on in any casino in Atlantic City, or Foxwoods.

Tarpie said...

I was able to verify that the app is generally accurate at the CET LV properties this weekend. At one point, a single 1-2 table was listed at O'Sheas but no tables were running when I walked by, but other than that the counts were dead on and updated immediately.

I also noticed that Riviera provides stats to Bravo. I guess their room is dark weekdays, and I couldn't differentiate between a non-reporting room and a dark reporting room.

Anonymous said...

The BravoPokerLive app can only show what the rooms agree to share with them. MGM and other properties in Vegas apparently don't want to release that info.

The CET Vegas properties do share the data, and it's highly accurate and timely, in my checks. But it's only as good as the data it gets. If the staff forgets to take down a game from Bravo when it breaks, it will continue to list it as an active game. So hours after the last 2/4 game broke, it may still show on the list if it's still showing on the display in the poker room. The staff just has to be a bit more diligent about nuking games as they break.

Lladro@lladro figurines said...

Sounds like a great app. Played at Caesars AC last night and a guy could not shut up about how great the app was. Looking for more info on the app now.

Anyone using this?