Sunday, October 09, 2011

Guess the casino, #1005

To reveal the hidden answer, use your mouse to highlight the space immediately after the word "Answer" below.

Answer: Tuscany


Josie said...

There's a casino called Tuscany? Also, you post a lot for someone MIA. :P

Rakewell said...

Yes, there's a Tuscany casino in Vegas.

Also, allow me to introduce you to this brand-new thing that you might find useful:

Rakewell said...

BTW, the "Guess" posts are done in batches. I do a whole bunch in advance, set to deploy one a day, so I don't have to remember it every day. If I die tonight, they'll still show up every day for a couple more weeks.

BVUGrad2003 said... ? Is that new? Seems like it might be useful

Josie said...


OMG If you die, we won't even know for a few days!