Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Once in a while, you'll see somebody at the poker table get so mad at something that occurred (usually a bad beat) that he'll tear up his cards. (Note: Poker rooms tend to frown on this.) But is that torn-up card now sitting on the table really what it appears to be? Or could it be a carefully constructed drawing, intended to fool you?


There are some who call me... Tim said...

Wow.... At first I thought it was from another poker blogger who posits that KK is the worst hand he can be dealt (the anti-Duece-Four?) after yet another KK bad beat. Then I noticed they were both clubs, and figured somebody lost their stuff when they realized it was a bad deal.

I never would have guessed that it was artwork. Very, very impressive.

Rob said...

Heh heh. I actually noticed the two Kings of Clubs right away....I wondered if someone had been dealt them both from a fouled deck and ripped them up in disgust.

Note: Dispute my bad luck with that hand, I have never ripped up a pair of pocket kings...or any other cards in a casino.

There are some who call me... Tim said...

@Rob - sorry... should have realized that tearing them up is something you would not do.

Tear the cards a new one in your next post? Sure... but tear them up physically? No.