Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hypocrites R Us

When I watched the third season (the first one that I had seen) of "Full Tilt Poker's Million-Dollar Cash Game," one of the little incidents that stood out for me was Phil Ivey snapping at Mike Matusow because Matusow folded out of turn. He explained that he didn't know that the other player was still in, because his cards were partially hidden by his chips. Phil chided him for not knowing who was in, and claimed that he always knows who's in a hand with him. (Sorry, but it's too much work to go back through all 12 or so hour-long episodes trying to find this moment and give you the exact details and quotations.)

I thought this was dubious. Nobody can fail to make this mistake once in a while. I just don't think it's possible to maintain perfect focus forever. Particularly with Phil always watching sports, keeping track of prop bets about the flop cards, etc., I didn't believe him when he said that he always knew who was in or out of a hand.

Just now while eating lunch I was watching "Poker After Dark," which is a rerun this week, but one I haven't seen before. It's "Top Guns II," Tuesday's installment (when they do reruns, the entire week is available all at once), segment 4. In the screen shot above, you can see Ivey attempting to either call or raise a bet. But it's not his turn. Action is on Howard Lederer, immediately to Ivey's right. You can see the alert dealer's hand as she tries to wave Ivey off, recognizing what's about to happen. At the same time, Lederer chirps up: "Wait a second, sir!" Ivey replies, "I didn't even know you had a hand." Lederer's cards are in plain view out in front of his chip stacks.

Mr. Ivey, would you like to revisit your claim that you always know who is in the hand with you, and that you never make the mistake for which you so soundly criticized Mike Matusow?


(As a side note, don't you love how I captured Patrik Antonius snorting a line of cocaine?)


David Bergeron said...

That's cool you noticed that..Would be cool if someone would edit the videos together.

ZomB said...

haha, that's great :) It's a good reminder to Phil everyone is human and I hope he sees this.. In fact, maybe I'll bring this up when I need to put him on tilt before playing him ;) .. then again, he probably plays more focused when upset... maybe we'll have to BORE him to death :P then he can fold his 8's...

ZomB said...

Oh btw, all that was in good natured fun, Phil Ivey is one of the players I respect the most for consistency and being able to play all games, something I strive for as well.
He's definitely in my top 10 favorite players in the world.