Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women at the table

If you are, like me, perpetually fascinated by the differences--real and perceived--between how men and women behave at the poker table and get treated at the poker table, you may be interested in the juxtaposition of these two posts, which were consecutive in my RSS reader this morning:

This time I made someone else at the poker table cry (and don't miss the links to other "crying at the table" stories at the end of the post)

Boys will be boys

I think it's in my best interest to post these links without further comment. What I agree with, what I disagree with, and what I might want to smack somebody for saying or writing, well, you'll just have to guess at that. I'm keeping it to myself.

(Thanks to Wolynski for the photo, taken during the 2009 WSOP ladies event, sent to me at the time, and used here without permission but hopefully without objection. And see her VegasImages blog, too.)


Wolynski said...

Oh, no, I don't mind - flattered, in fact - love your writing.

Maybe you should've linked to my other blog, VegasImages - more appropriate.


Rakewell said...

Done. Post edited accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. I'd love to hear your opinion of Rex's post--it horrified and amused me at the same time.

Anonymous said...

That's Cardgrrl in the foreground, isn't it?

Rakewell said...

It is??? Gee, I hadn't noticed!


The Blue Knave said...

Something about both of these posts makes me think the author needs a smack.

I don't like *how* Rex says what he says, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like the guy, but he has a point.

If you believe in equality, I think Robyn does herself and her cause a dis-service, at least in the context of poker.