Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK, so I'm not exactly a world traveler

I was reading Card Player magazine earlier today. Todd Brunson's column talks about some hands he played in a tournament in Venice. Illustrating the column is a photo of a tower in San Marco Square, Venice.

Looking at it, I thought it seemed familier. Then it clicked: The Venetian has one that looks just like that!

I had had no idea that it was modeled after actual structures in Venice. I thought they had just taken the name, threw in a few fake canals, and left it at that.

I had an IM chat open with Cardgrrl at the time I made this astounding discovery, and shared my new-found insight with her. Since it wasn't a video chat, I can only imagine the rolled eyes and snorts that might have been going on. She proceeded to point out to me that the whole facade of the Venetian is copied from San Marco Square.

Who knew?

Well, apparently just about everybody except me, that's who.

I can be really slow to catch on to things sometimes. (I admitted that to Cardgrrl. She didn't disagree, but she did say that I'm cute, which makes up for it.)

In closely related news, this new discovery sent me scurrying to the interwebs, and guess what else I found out? You know that tall steel tower thingy in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino? There's another one just like it--except even taller--in Paris, France!


Keiser said...

That roller coaster at New York, New York is a copy of the actual roller coaster that circles the Empire State Building!

Anonymous said...

You and Cardgrrl are the cutest online couple EVAR.

Grange95 said...

Just in case you were wondering, Caesar never actually lived in Caesar's Palace.

(BTW, that was a reference to The Hangover, since I suspect you keep up with current pop culture about as frequently as you travel overseas).

Rakewell said...

Next I suppose you're going to tell me that the Emperor doesn't really live in the Imperial Palace!

Rakewell said...

Keiser: Well, duh! I knew THAT! But that green woman with the spikey hat holding a torch--where did they get that idea?

BLAARGH! said...

A friend of mine went to Atlantic city for the first time this weekend. His revelation? Atlantic city is named after the Atlantic Ocean, which is right outside the casino!

I love stuff like that, we all have our moments.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the flame-wielding spikey green woman of whom you speak. But given your description and the fact that she's outside of New York, New York, I can only assume she's supposed to be Leona Helmsley.