Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Guess the casino, #469

To reveal the hidden answer, use your mouse to highlight the space immediately after the word "Answer" below.

Answer: Rio


Anonymous said...

I'm only pointing it out because I know you've blotted them out in the past - the name of the casino appears in the picture.

And if you're keeping score, I'm a big fan of Guess the Casino. (And the rest of the blog, of course.)


carl said...

The casino name is in the picture. Unless you're playing a leveling game, like "It couldn't possibly be that easy, could it?"

WindBreak247 said...

Easiest Guess the Casino ever!

Rakewell said...

LOL. Well, that's what I get for not looking closely enough. I usually check them over with a fine tooth comb for such glitches, but was in a hurry to put up a batch and didn't do my usual final scan. FAIL! Oh well.